Our Patients

Why Choose Chiropractic?

Many conditions take years to develop. A minor mechanical dysfunction from trauma or stress can, over the course of time, cause damage to joints, muscle, and connective tissue. This damage can irritate, inflame or pinch nerves which when left untreated can create an additional mechanical dysfunction, causing a cycle of degeneration. Treating the spine and correcting the mechanics supports the nervous system, which in turn helps the body heal itself naturally. Some conditions can be positively affected by Chiropractic Care, but not every condition is right for Chiropractic Care; and Chiropractic Care may not be right for every patient. The screening exam reveals the underlying cause, tissue damage, and pain/symptom generator of our patients’ chiropractic problems, and helps determine whether the patient is a candidate for care with us. Once a patient becomes a candidate, Dr. Steve makes recommendations based on Best Practice Principles.

Best Practice Principles:

We value what is best for the patient and give recommendations on the highest level of service we can provide to treat and correct the problem. In doing so, we review with the patient their options for the most complete recovery, fastest relief, quickest healing time, optimal repair of tissue damage, measurable structural improvement, fastest restoration of function, and most permanent change with minimal followups. We respect the patient’s choice of what is best for them, from relief care through corrective care.

To maintain the highest level of service, Dr. Steve and his team continually study and practice new techniques and cutting edge technologies.

Patient Reviews

This was my first time being adjusted and WOW! Dr. Steve and his staff are so helpful and welcoming to all their customers. I have been dealing with pain since I fell TWO years ago when I hurt my back and thought this was something I would just have to live with. I think the most helpful and calming part of the whole process was Joe Torres. I’m a college student and was terrified to see the bill. Joe talked me through the process of what the Dr. suggested and what I would be looking at price wise before marrying a decision that wasn’t too friendly to my wallet. My boyfriend and I already have future appointments scheduled! THANK YOU DR. STEVE!!! 🙂

Katelyn Mendoza
April 2, 2021

This facility is amazing! Staff friendly and professional. Darla and Dr. Steve are amazing! They actually listened to me and treated my symptoms. Joe didn’t try to pressure me when he explained my treatment options. Thanks to each of you for being a VA contractor and taking care of Lubbock’s Veterans.

Angela Boyd
May 16, 2021

LIMI Is more than the best Chiropractor in Lubbock, they provide a total body healing. I have seen both Doctors for adjustments and they are amazing. Dr Sam even adjusts my ears, sounds crazy, but it’s amazing. I’ve done some kind of light therapy on my knee and my back, I don’t know what it is I just know it’s magic! I have also gotten injections of B12 12 immunity boosters that have been life-changing. I just recommend you go in for a consultation. It will really be worth your time

jeannine Kelley
January 16, 2021